ADEI Resources

A home for choral leaders to find information on access, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI)

Chorus America is committed to providing robust information and support to the choral community on matters related to access, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI). While no single collection of resources is ever comprehensive or final when it comes to ADEI, we intend to make this page the "home base" for choral leaders to build a foundational understanding that will spark your curiosity to keep learning, help you foster important conversations, and most importantly take action to more deeply incorporate ADEI into your singing ensembles.

We believe in modeling successful organizational practices to the choral field, and strive to show leadership by prioritizing ADEI in our own organization and representing our progress with integrity and transparency. In addition to curating resources here, this space serves as a visible record to reflect Chorus America's commitment to - and accountability for - action on ADEI, which includes a prominent goal in our current strategic plan and inclusion in our core values.

Chorus America Resources

We continue to develop in-house content in many formats to offer support on ADEI through all the various ways in which we serve the field. We've organized these resources according to type.


Action-Oriented Posts and Resource Collections

Practical, concrete lists and "how to" guides that provide tactics to inform immediate next steps that you and your chorus can take.


In-Depth Stories and Articles

A deeper look at people and organizations in the field engaging in thoughtful ADEI work, and the contributions of communities that have been historically marginalized.


Programs and Presentations

Our Conference and other programs are a central point of engagement for so many in our community. A primary focus is rooting each of our programs in ADEI values and offering specific content on ADEI-related topics.


Beyond the resulting resources above, Chorus America's range of programs offer ADEI-specific training and funding opportunities for choral leaders:

  • The ADEI Learning Lab, an experiential online learning program teaching foundational knowledge in access, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI), providing a space to discuss and confront difficult identity-related issues in choral music. The first three cohorts of the Learning Lab were designed for White-identifying choral leaders to examine issues of race, racism, Whiteness, and White supremacy culture. The full program includes a robust syllabus of readings and resources, including these two samples:
  • The Music Education Partnership Grants (MEPG) program, funding 21 collaborations between community organizations and elementary, middle, or junior high schools during the 2022-23 school year designed to increase access to choral music education. We detailed our approach to centering ADEI in this program in a blog post by MEPG community advisors Alysia Lee and Diana Sáez (also listed in our Action-Oriented Resources above).


Chorus America's ADEI Goals and Progress

We share the ways in which ADEI shows up in our foundational plans and documents that guide our work, as well as responses to events in the world around us and reports on our progress.

Chorus America's current strategic plan, adopted in 2017, includes a goal dedicated to promoting and demonstrating progress in addressing issues of ADEI. Our next strategic plan, scheduled to be finalized and adopted in early 2023, will continue this focus with a strategic objective dedicated to ADEI.

On January 21, 2021, Chorus America shared An Update on Chorus America's Work in Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, summarizing our key ADEI work in recent years and upcoming priorities for the near future, and stating our plan to share similar updates going forward.

Like so many organizations in the choral field and everywhere, Chorus America engaged in a great deal of reflecting on and reckoning with systemic racism and our role in dismantling it in the wake of the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Our first public-facing response was this letter, On Racial Injustice: Taking Action for Meaningful Change.

Resources From Other Sources

Chorus America's work and learning on ADEI is informed by a variety of sources. This collection includes those resources that have been most influential for us and those we feel are most helpful to choral leaders.


Specific Tools and Resources


Organizations and Websites We Follow

  • The Choral Commons  -  A media platform created as a space for choruses to envision futures centered on equity and innovation
  • Decolonizing The Music Room  -  Centering Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian voices in music education and related fields by providing training and content for educators
  • Community-Centric Fundraising  -  A movement to build a fundraising model and nonprofit sector that supports the entire community over individual organizations, and builds the power and voice of communities of color
  • ArtEquity  -  Providing tools, resources, and training at the intersection of art and activism
  • Nonprofit AF  -  Musings on the nonprofit sector critiquing systemic problems and calling for collective change, delivered with a humorous touch