Commission Consortiums

Be part of creating new choral repertoire AND support Chorus America!

Thank You to our 2022 Commission Consortium Composers!

Chorus America is proud of its tradition of presenting Commission Consortiums, bringing together choruses of all sizes around the U.S. and Canada to bring new works from acclaimed composers to life for a fraction of what it would cost a single chorus to commission such a piece. All proceeds from the commissioning fees go to support the core programs and services of Chorus America. We are grateful to the composers for our 2022 Commission Consortiums: Cristian Grases (SATB) and Suzzette Ortiz (treble).

Suzzette Ortiz

Suzzette Ortiz (Treble Commission)

Suzzette Ortiz biography

"There's so much beauty in learning songs from diverse cultures becuase it can deepen our knowledge in music, language, and culture."

This joyful 3-part treble work (presented in Spanish and English) features piano and percussion and celebrates the traditional Afro Puerto-Rican "bomba" dance rhythm. Click here to hear an excerpt of the piece and some further info from the composer herself!

Cost: $300 USD

Cristian Grases

Cristian Grases (SATB Commission)

Cristian Grases biography

"Traditional and popular music from Latin America and the Caribbean is universally recognized for its rhythmic complexity, its joyful cadence, and its dance-like quality. This new work (set in Spanish) will celebrate these musical features and have the feel of a festive celebration - potentially being a good closer for your concert. I am excited to create a new work that will allow you to showcase these traditions within your program."  

Cost: $500-$1,025 USD (tiered pricing)

A Tiered Pricing Structure to Make Commissions More Accessible

We're bringing tiered pricing to the SATB Commission Consortium this year! Our tiered pricing structure is based on your chorus' budget size and is designed to lower barriers to access for less-resourced and emerging choruses. The suggested pricing for this year's SATB commission is as follows: 

  • $1,025 for choruses with budgets of $1M or higher
  • $850 for choruses with budgets from $500k - < $1M
  • $675 for choruses with budgets from $87,500 - < $500k
  • $500 for choruses with budgets less than $87,500

We do not want cost to be a barrier to participation for interested choruses! Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss a variety of options if the suggested prices prohibit your organization's ability to participate in bringing these new pieces to life.


How to register - Registration Closed

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the commission consortiums! The registration window for the 2022 commissions has closed.

Each composer offers a 3-5 minute piece that will be delivered in PDF format by August 31, 2023. Participating ensembles will share the commissions and dedications equally and have exclusive rights to premiere the piece through February 29, 2024.


Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or call 202-331-7577.

Previous Commissions:
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2018 Joan Szymko (children & youth): WORDS
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2017Tom Shelton (children & youth): Old Tunes
2016Dominick DiOrio (SATB): Change My Sorrow Into Song
2016Andrea Ramsey (children & youth): But a Flint Holds Fire
2015Bob Chilcott (SATB): The Real of Heart
2015Mack Wilberg (children & youth): Come, Little Leaves
2014Rene Clausen (SATB): Now Talking God
2014Caldwell & Ivory (children & youth): Bengi Lele
2013Rollo Dilworth (SATB): Shine the Heavenly Light
2013Alice Parker (children & youth): Coo-Coo Bird
2012Dale Warland (SATB): The Voices
2012Jim Papoulis (children & youth): A World We Cannot See
2011André Thomas (SATB): Someday Is Today
2011Eleanor Daley (children & youth): A Celtic Blessing
2010John Rutter (SATB):  Dedication and Amen
2010Rollo Dilworth (children & youth): Every Time I Feel the Spirit
2009Eric Whitacre (SATB): Little Man in a Hurry
2009David Brunner (children/youth): Spiritual Musick
2008Caldwell & Ivory (children & youth):  Witness
2007Bob Chilcott (children & youth):  Like a Singing Bird