Welcoming Transgender Singers: Resource List

How can choruses foster a more inclusive culture for transgender singers? This list of resources accompanies our article from the Winter 2017-18 issue of the Voice on welcoming transgender singers.

Selected resources for more information

  • Gala Choruses—national organization, for LGBTQ choirs, includes resources for making choirs gender-inclusive.
  • ConcerT: A Research-Creation Project on Testosterone and the Transgender Singing Voice—documenting the transition of an amateur AFAB (assigned female at birth) transgender singer taking testosterone, by Ari Agha and Laura Hynes
  • National Center for Transgender Equality—social justice advocacy organization for transgender people, good resource for general information on transgender people
  • Queering choir—A space for discussion and resources on LGBTQA issues in choral music, by Josh Palkki

Selected additional reading

  • Miller, Jane Ramseyer (2016) “Creating Choirs that Welcome Transgender Singers” Choral Journal 57(4): 61–63.
  • Conley, Eli (October 9, 2017) “Creating Gender Liberatory Singing Spaces: A Transgender Voice Teacher’s Recommendations for Working With Transgender Singers
  • Palkki, Joshua (2017) “Inclusivity in Action: Transgender Students in the Choral Classroom” Choral Journal 57(1) 20-34.
  • Manternach, Brian, Michael Chipman, Ruth Rainero, and Caitlin Stave (2017) "The Independent Teacher: Teaching Transgender Singers. Part 1: The Voice Teachers’ Perspectives" Journal of Singing 74 (1) pp. 83–88
  • Manternach, Brian (2017) "The Independent Teacher: Teaching Transgender Singers. Part 2: The Singers’ Perspectives" Journal of Singing, (74) 2 pp. 209–214
  • Sims, Loraine (2017) "Teaching Transgender Singers" Journal of Singing, 73 (3), pp. 279-282

Ari Agha is a researcher, writer, and life-long choral singer. They sing with Spiritus Chamber Choir and Double Treble Ensemble in Calgary, Alberta, and the Essence of Joy Alumni Singers (Penn State). An advocate of feminism, anti-racism, and trans rights, Agha blogs about gender, singing, and current events at www.genderqueerme.com.