Planned Giving

Help ensure that the beauty and power of choral music continues to enrich future generations.

Continuo Society recognizes those who have included Chorus America in their estate planning, as a beneficiary under their will, IRA final distribution, pension plan, insurance policy, or other investment vehicle. These types of gifts promote and preserve Chorus America’s mission far into the future and cost you nothing now.


Three Simple Ways To Give


One of the most popular ways to make a planned gift involves the simple placement of a clause in your will or revocable trust making Chorus America a beneficiary. Your bequest can also be made payable if an individual beneficiary is not able to inherit.


Retirement Plans

Making a gift of a qualified retirement plan asset such as an IRA, 401(K), 403(b), Keogh, or other pension plan is an ideal way to benefit Chorus America and receive significant tax savings. By naming Chorus America as the beneficiary of an asset in your retirement plan, you maintain complete control over the assets during your lifetime, but at your death the remaining balance in your asset passes to Chorus America free of income tax and any estate tax. You can continue to take withdrawals from the asset during your lifetime or change the beneficiary if your circumstances change, all while knowing that your hard-earned retirement assets will support the valuable work of Chorus America after you are gone.


Life Insurance

You can use life insurance to make a gift to Chorus America by naming Chorus America as the irrevocable [i.e., you cannot change the terms in the future] owner and beneficiary of a surplus, paid-up life insurance policy. This will result in a charitable income tax deduction for the policy’s cash surrender value or basis, whichever is less.


Join Continuo Today

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