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Criteria and Eligibility

Grants will fund programs and projects that aim to: 

  • Increase access to singing-based music education for students from historically marginalized communities, 

  • Promote cross-cultural exchange and learning, and 

  • Uphold the principles of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

*Visit our Core Values & Guiding Definitions to get a better understanding of the goals for this grant program.

Applicants must be a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or a Canadian registered charity.

In addition, applicants must be serving students in these four regions:  

  • British Columbia & Northwest US

  • Central Appalachia 

  • Southwest US

  • Upper Midwest US

*View the full list of eligible states and counties here.


This grant opportunity is made possible by a funding partner for this program who has made a commitment to serving specific US & Canadian regions where music engagement opportunities for students may be limited by socioeconomics, geography, or related factors. During the upcoming grant cycle, only organizations serving these regions will be eligible to apply.

Projects led by and serving historically marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply. First-time grant applicants are also encouraged to submit an application.

Funding Categories

Grants of up to $50,000 over 2 years will be awarded to partners in each region. Within each region, applications will be considered in 2 categories:

  • Organizations with budgets less than $150,000 or volunteer-run
  • Organizations with budgets of $150,000 or great and at least 1 paid staff member
Other Eligibility Considerations 

All applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Partnership Project Requirement.  This grant program is designed to support partnerships between community-based organizations and schools or school districts. Organizations applying do not need to be exclusively dedicated to the arts but must propose a project focused on group singing. All projects eligible for consideration must include plans to partner with a school(s) or school district serving students between early childhood – 12th grade. 

Nonprofit Status & Fiscally Sponsored Projects.  All applicants must be either a 501(c)3 US tax-exempt charitable organization, or registered Canadian charity per the Canadian Revenue Agency. Fiscally sponsored projects are also eligible to apply; the project must provide a fiscal sponsorship agreement and the fiscal sponsor must provide documentation of their 501(c)3 US tax-exempt status or qualification as a registered Canadian charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Consideration for Faith-based Organizations/Repertoire.  Proposals will be considered from faith-based organizations that engage in non-religious programming. Note: Repertoire taught and performed may have a faith-based origin, however, the repertoire should be referenced for its musical teaching objectives and history, and not as a tool for religious practice or religious instruction. 

Ineligible Expenses.  The Music Education Partnership Grants program is a project-based funding opportunity for community-based nonprofit organizations and schools. Chorus America does not fund: 

  • Capital campaigns 

  • Endowment funds 

  • Fundraising activities or events 

  • Faith-based organizations for religious purposes 

  • Individuals 

  • Lobbying or political activities 

  • Subgranting: Projects that intend to redistribute funds at their own discretion

Current grant partners are welcome to apply for this grants cycle.