15 Nov 2021 to 28 Jan 2022

Music Education Partnership Grants

Chorus America invites nonprofit organizations and schools to apply to the Music Education Partnership Grants program which, through a new funding partnership, will support collaborations between community organizations and elementary, middle, or junior high schools during the 2022-23 school year.

The program will fund projects designed to increase access to choral music education and promote non-arts learning and cultural literacy, all while upholding the principles of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In the program’s inaugural year, Chorus America will provide $900,000+ to grant partners across four regions that are focuses for this new funding partnership (see Criteria & Eligibility and full list of eligible regions for more details).

Singing with others in a group is a powerful tool for cross-cultural learning, developing empathy, and building community. Early participation in music is critical for life-long participation, yet many elementary, middle, and junior high schools lack dedicated music specialists. By focusing our grants on students’ earliest musical experiences, we hope to support communities who seek to support, but not replace, rich and diverse musical opportunities for young learners.

This grant program will provide: 

  • Financial awards ranging from $15,000 -$50,000, and  

  • A peer learning cohort experience, including virtual convenings and participation in the 2022 and 2023 Chorus America Conferences. 

In preparation for submitting your application, we encourage all applicants to:

Interested in becoming a review panelist for this grant program?

We are currently seeking diverse members of the music education and broader community who are interested in serving as review panelists. An honorarium will be provided for review panelist service. See more information on being a review panelist here and complete a nomination form by Friday, December 10 to be considered.

Applications due Friday, January 28, 2022

Our application portal will open on November 15!

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