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Chorus America Brand Resources

Chorus America will announce the complete list of this year’s award recipients on Tuesday, May 24.

The brand resources below can be used to assist our grant partners in making their own announcements to supporters about receiving this award. 



Chorus America is our organization’s full name. If possible, please avoid using abbreviations like “CA.” 

Music Education Partnership Grants is the complete title of our grants program. The words “the” and “program” are not part of the official title but can be included when referencing the program.



Chorus America’s official website is  


Social Media

Please use the below social media handles to tag Chorus America if announcing your award on your social media channels.  

Instagram: @chorus_america 

Facebook: @chorusamerica 

Twitter: @chorusamerica 

LinkedIn: Chorus America 



We welcome you to download and use the preferred logos found here across digital and print media. Please do not alter Chorus America’s logos. 








Primary Logo Download










Logo Download Link


About Chorus America’s Music Education Partnership Grants  

Through a new funding opportunity, Chorus America’s inaugural Music Education Partnerships Grants program provides funding of over $1 million to 22 community organizations working to increase access to choral music education and promote non-arts learning and cultural literacy. The projects funded in the 2022-23 school year also uphold the principles of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Congratulations and Thank You! 

Congratulations on being a recipient of one of Chorus America’s Music Education Partnership Grants and thank you for taking the time to include details of our organization and program in your award announcement!  

Questions can be sent to communications associate Eduardo Coyotzi Zarate at [email protected]

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