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Our award-winning website receives thousands of visitors every month from North America and beyond. We offer display ad placements for any length customized to your needs, and offer *discounts for three-month runs.*

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are our newest and most engaging form of advertising. You have a story to tell - Chorus America will work with you to craft a feature that highlights the impact of your work on the choral field.

Sponsored story packages include placement on the Chorus America website, e-newsletter, and social media, and start at $1,500; additional options can also be customized. For more information on developing a sponsored story, contact advertising and development associate KellyAnn Nelson.

Display Advertising

Choose from highly visible display ad spaces on the Chorus America website's right-hand sidebar. In all placements except for our Jobs page, your ad may rotate with other advertisers. All display ads are static; in other words, ads rotate when a user refreshes their browser or visits a different page on our site.

Top Placement - shown at least every two (2) page refreshes

Members: $310/month (reserve for 3 months and save even more!) 

Non-members: $350/month

Second Placement - shown at least every five (5) page refreshes

Members: $225/month (reserve for 3 months and save even more!) 

Non-members: $250/month

Jobs Page - exclusive placement on our most consistently viewed web page

Members: $250/month

Non-members: $275/month

Digital Requirements

One low-resolution digital logo, no bigger than 280 pixels wide x 174 pixels high. Preferred file format: JPEG, TIFF, or PNG.


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For more information, please contact annual fund and corporate engagement manager KellyAnn Nelson at [email protected] or (202) 331-7577 x247.

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