Advertise in an Email

Reach a targeted audience of nearly 4,000 artistic, administrative, and business leaders throughout the U.S. and Canadian choral community directly with a variety of email advertising options.

Sponsored Email Messages

You provide the content, and Chorus America will send a dedicated message promoting your stories, products, services on your behalf. The most direct way to reach the Chorus America community.


Rates and Scheduling

*$1,500 per email. Capacity for sponsored emails is limited; they are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are only available to Chorus America members (*not eligible for discounted rates in packaging).

Digital Requirements

Submit an HTML file with inline CSS; width: 600 pixels. Any images included in your file need to either be hosted on your website or emailed to Chorus America as .jpg files.

Update e-Newsletter

Distributed bi-weekly, Chorus America's Update e-newsletter offers two different format options for ad placements. Choose the format that best fits your need, and the placement that best fits your budget.

PlacementMembers Non-Member


Update Sponsored Content

Sponsored content mirrors the format of the newsletter while also standing out, for easy readability and optimal attention from readers. Through easily clickable links and text, you are given the platform to deliver your message without the need for designing graphics.


Requirements: Ad copy and URLs due three days prior to the e-newsletter's scheduled send date. For questions on content guidelines, contact associate director of communications Mike Rowan at [email protected].


Update Banner Advertising

Eye-catching banner ads utilize graphics to make a bold impression and capture our readers' attention. With an advertiser-provided link, our members can click a banner ad and be guided to a webpage of the advertiser's choosing.

Update Sponsorship

Digital Requirements: 560 pixels wide x 150 pixels high. Resolution: 72 dpi. Format: JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. Image and URL are due three days prior to the e-newsletter's scheduled send date.


Reserve your ad

Complete and submit the following reservation form to [email protected]:


Download a one-page summary of our advertising opportunities:



Contact associate director of communications Mike Rowan at [email protected] or schedule a 30-minute conversation with Mike.