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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsors & Exhibitors

The 2023 Chorus America Conference is THE event for choral businesses to connect with leaders and decision-makers in the Chorus America community. Our partners are met with special opportunities to expand their networks and share their missions and services with Conference attendees during the three-day event.  

Chorus America values corporate partners like you, and we work hard to ensure that each partnership is personalized and powerful. Take a look at the2023 Corporate Opportunities & Benefits Deck, and then schedule a call with KellyAnn, Eduardo, or Mike to outline your goals and priorities. We’re excited to connect and help you secure your perfect intersection with the 2023 Chorus America Conference!

All 2023 Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors will be acknowledged online at, thanked and recognized in signage onsite in San Francisco, and will be invited to a special Corporate Connections & Cocktails gratitude hour at 4 pm on Friday, June 2. Additionally, all 2023 partners* will be featured in the new “Corporate Spotlight” segment of the Conference edition of the Voice magazine.

*FY23 Exhibitors, program sponsors, and Conference Sponsors above the General Level

Submit your agreements and reservations by April 25 for the best visibility! 


We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors whose generosity makes so many aspects of our programming possible.

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