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What’s the difference between the Online Event and the Baltimore Event? Will both offer the same content? 

The two events are structured differently and will offer different content. The Online Event (April 7-8) will primarily feature sessions – including plenaries and breakouts – along with daily opportunities to discuss takeaways in small-group conversations with colleagues in daily reflection groups.  

The Baltimore Event (June 15-17) will be driven by opportunities to reconnect in person, anchored by daily plenary sessions that lead into workshop discussions building on the plenary content, and also include a variety of networking events, concerts spotlighting the Baltimore choral community, exhibitors, and our Gala Celebration & Auction. 

How will this year’s Baltimore Event be different from past in-person Conferences? 

The primary difference will be fewer sessions in favor of more networking and connection opportunities (which will have a variety of structures and topics to keep things fresh and relevant through the entire event). Our priority for this in-person gathering was to provide ample space and time for Conference attendees to experience the joy of being with each other – something the Chorus America community hasn’t been able to do since 2019 – and we have thoughtfully designed 2022’s two-event Conference structure with this key value in mind.  

As such, the schedule of this Conference may also feel less busy for some – we are being mindful of pacing and our collective adjustment back to in-person events. Balance and wellness is a major focus of this Conference. Also, the Baltimore Event will end Friday evening, rather than Saturday afternoon in past in-person Conferences. 

What if I’m not available April 7-8 during the Online Event? Can I watch the sessions later? 

Yes – all Online Event sessions will be available to view until August 1 (even if you register after the Online Event ends). 

Do I need to watch the Online Event content to participate in the Baltimore Event? 

No – you don’t need to. If you want the learnings from the Online Event to inform your perspectives and discussions at the Baltimore Event, by all means we encourage you to view any Online Event content that you’re interested in prior to attending in June. But if you don’t watch any of the sessions beforehand, you will not be lost or behind at the Baltimore Event in any way. 

How do I decide which Conference event(s) is right for me? 

We designed this Conference structure expecting that, this year in particular, many people will be excited to return to gathering in person – so we’ve tried to make the Baltimore Event as easy as possible to attend. If you are looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues, participating in engaging live discussions, and experiencing Baltimore and its choral scene, we encourage you to attend our June In-Person Event in Baltimore – plus, everyone who registers for the Baltimore Event will also have full access to the Online Event (live, and until August 1). 

That said, we’ve learned that many people are most attracted to our Conference specifically because of the timely and engaging session content. And also, some people are not ready to return to large in-person events, or cannot attend because of scheduling conflicts, cost, or other reasons. We are so happy that we’ve started serving and building an online Conference community, and we will continue to create relevant, flexible, cost-effective options that meet the needs of our online audience. So if you’re interested in abundant session content that you can view on your own time at a lower price, and an in-person gathering does not fit your current needs, we’d love to have you at our April Online Event. 

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