Mini-Breakout Sessions

Our 30-minute Mini-Breakout Sessions offer a bite-sized amount of information about a focused topic. These sessions will be available on demand throughout the Virtual Conference.

Mini-Breakout Session Topics

Wielding the Power of Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI): Achieving Creative Justice in Choruses

  • This is an introduction to the practices and definitions of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion, which come together to create Creative Justice.
  • Speaker: Antonio Cuyler
Leading in Times of Crisis
Measuring Financial Performance for Your Chorus
Programming Next Season
  • Every organization is wondering how to think about programming for next season right now. With so many unanswered questions, but a need to continue moving forward, this panel of choral leaders will share how they are planning for the year ahead.
  • Speakers: Alexander Lloyd Blake, Rob Istad, Lynnel Joy Jenkins, Erick Lichte
Insurance Reflections during COVID-19
  • Bob Middleton of the Arts Insurance Program shares some reflections about insurance coverages and current practices that every organizations can use to inform their operations.
  • Speaker: Bob Middleton
Positioning Your Chorus at the Intersection of Your Community
  • Relationships are the glue between choruses and community partners. Joshua Vickery, Founder and CEO of Central Florida Community Arts, will share the story and success of his organization that creates arts access for all and how partnerships have been at the very heart of the mission.
  • Speaker: Joshua Vickery
Making Commissions Accessible 
Building Composer Partnerships
Measuring Your Impact In Your Community
  • Foundations, granting organizations, and other funders want to know the impacts you’re making in your community. COVID-19 has turned our world and our programs upside down, so can we even create the same impacts? How do you identify impacts versus activities? Once you truly understand your impact, how do you measure it? Come to learn the right questions to ask and data to collect, as well as practical tips on how to measure your impact.
  • Speaker: Erin Harris
  • View Erin's slides by visiting this link.