How does a chorus's legacy continue after its visionary founder is no longer around? It takes the will of a community.

Choral music has a unique power to touch hearts and souls – but how can choruses leverage that power to impact their communities? These four stories provide some answers. 

In preparation for publishing a series of community engagement case studies, we asked our members to share their own experiences with community engagement. The responses we received represent choruses of many types and sizes, from all over North America. They show the many different ways choruses are leveraging the power of choral music to impact their communities.

A powerful piece based on the dying words of African-American men killed in police encounters is an opportunity to reflect on universal issues of love, loss, and our shared humanity.

What does it take to get to Carnegie Hall? Or to a memorable choral performance? Everyone knows the answer. But many are the music scores that sit unattended in car trunks between rehearsals. And many are the frustrated choral conductors who wish their singers would put in the time that the music deserves.

When Shira Cion hunted down Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble in 1988, it was a different era. There were no websites with which small niche arts organizations could make themselves visible to the world.

The people who would love to come to your next concert are out there. But it will require more than just more advertising or deeper discounts to find them and bring them into the fold. Arts consultant Matt Lehrman explains. 

When done right, these choral directors say, early music transcends its intimidating reputation and connects with audiences.

These four simple steps will get your board working well on the right work.

New choral programs are embracing Venezuela's El Sistema model to reach children in America's underserved neighborhoods.

Each month, Chorus America president and CEO Catherine Dehoney sits down to have a conversation over the phone with one of our members. This January, she spoke with Mary Henriques, executive director of the Pensacola Children's Chorus.

Has bad weather caused you to scramble at the last minute to cancel or salvage a performance? If you have never been forced to react to this type of scenario before, it is a good idea to have a plan in place should it ever occur. These choruses shared their first-hand experiences of dealing with major complications brought on by Mother Nature.

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