16 Rules for Being a Stellar Chorus Member

  1. Be on time
  2. Warm up your voice by singing on your way to rehearsal
  3. Get there early sometimes to help move the chairs, etc
  4. Gossip and chat before the rehearsal starts, not during it
  5. When a note is given for a pitch, do not hum your part
  6. Don't stomp your foot or pat your hand to the rhythm
  7. When your part isn't singing, pay attention to the music and don't chat with your neighbor
  8. If a neighbor makes a mistake, don't give him or her a dirty look
  9. If another singer needs help, offer it kindly
  10. Have your music in the right order for each rehearsal
  11. Mark up your music (lightly in pencil if it isn't yours) so you don't repeat errors
  12. Don't be afraid of making mistakes in rehearsal, such as holding back from an entrance lest you be too early or not singing a tough note lest it be wrong
  13. Compliment somebody your think is singing well
  14. Compliment another part that has handled something well
  15. Laugh and enjoy each rehearsal
  16. Loosen up

This excerpt (pages 75-76) from "Music Makers" by Gerald Hotchkiss appears courtesy of Sunstone Press, Box 2321, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2321. 800.243.5644