11 Signs You Sing in a Chorus

We all know that there is something special about being a choral singer. In fact, Chorus America's research shows that singers are more likely to be good citizens that make positive contributions to their communities than people who don't sing in a chorus. However, there are other qualities that set chorus members apart in ways that are a bit more...unique. With some creativity and the help of our Facebook followers, we came up with 11 signs that you might be a choral singer.

1.) When your friend has a cold, you avoid them like the plague.

2.) You find yourself harmonizing with the radio.

3.) You'll defend why your vocal part is the best to the death.

4.) You've memorized the Hallelujah Chorus and can sing it in your sleep.

5.) "I can't, I have rehearsal" becomes a frequent excuse, and you are ok with that.

6.) When your artistic director announces that your favorite piece is part of the repertoire for the next concert, it feels like your birthday plus every other major holiday is happening at once.

7.) You can't name any current songs, but you know all the movements of the Brahms Requiem.

8.) This is your reaction when you find sensible black shoes...on sale.


9.) You know who this is...

...and why he's a rockstar.

10.) You don't need to rent a tux, you own one.

11.) When someone calls you a "choir geek," you proudly accept the compliment.

What signs did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.