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Now, part of the new

We are so grateful that you've chosen to be part of Singer Network and now we'd like to invite you into the larger Chorus America family.

You’ve arrived here because you asked your browser to take you to and have been automatically redirected here. All the Singer Network content you have come to value is available to you on our new, all-encompassing Chorus America website under "For Singers." Your Singer Network membership has automatically become a Chorus America Singer membership—no need for you to do anything! View a full list of benefits for your membership category.

If this is your first time coming to Chorus America's new website, you will need to create a site user account and log in before you can participate fully. Please use the same email address you’ve been using to access Singer Network so that we can link your user account to your membership data. If you are unsure what email address to use, simply contact us.

Once you've successfully registered, when you next return to the site all you need to do is click on the Login button in the top right-hand corner, enter in your email address and password, et voilà—you'll be all set. (To logout, click on the Hello button in the top right-hand corner. A menu will drop down with a link to logout.)

Please click here if you need help logging in for the first time and becoming a site user.

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