'Making the Case' Tool: Annotated and Linked Bibliography

This annotated and linked bibliography for Making the Case for Your School Choir provides data from more than 40 different studies, advocacy guides, and publications at your fingertips.


Web Resources

  • Afterschool Alliance (www.afterschoolalliance.org)
    See “America After 3PM” and “America After 3PM: From Big Cities to Small Towns”  studies, as well as “Issue Brief 21: Arts & Afterschool: A Powerful Combination.” 
  • Arts Education Partnership (www.aep-arts.org)
    Sign up for the ArtsEd digest; use “Maximizing the Nation’s Arts Report Card”; use the Arts Education Policy State Database; and reference all their important publications, specifically: Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning (1999), Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement (2006), and Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Social and Academic Development (2002).
  • Dana Foundation (www.dana.org)
    See “Singing in Schools” webcast (2006); Transforming Arts Teaching: The Role of Higher Education (2007); and Neuroeducation: Arts, Learning & The Brain (2009).
  • Dewey21c Blog (http://www.artsjournal.com/dewey21c/)
    Written by Richard Kessler; the reading list is perennially useful and his regular posts focus on arts education.
  • Education Commission of the States (www.ecs.org)
    Read the arts education statements of all former chairmen, including Mike Huckabee's interview, "Putting the Arts Front and Center on the Education Agenda" (2004).
  • Edutopia (www.edutopia.org)
    The George Lucas Educational Foundation is behind this site, and so there are a lot of interesting ideas about technology integration, as well as five other core strategies for innovation and reform in learning. Videos to support “New Day for Learning” can be found here, and particularly of interest is the Arts/Music/Drama Discussion Group.
  • Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network (www.kennedy-center.org/education/kcaaen) Particularly A Community Audit for Arts Education, which is very comprehensive, and the Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit.
  • MENC-National Association for Music Education (www.menc.org)
    See data about the arts education and attendance/graduation rates; and The Music and Literacy Connection by Dee Hansen, Elain Bernstorf, Gayle M. Stuber (2004); the “Chorus” section of educational tools and resources; and the Music Education Advocacy center, especially the “Make Your Case” database: http://www.menc.org/resources/view/music-education-advocacy-central
  • New Day for Learning (www.newdayforlearning.org)
    This website for the New Day for Learning report (2007) also includes the rationale for the initiative and information about initiatives in ten cities.
  • Support Music (www.supportmusic.org)
    A host of material provided by NAMM, MENC, Chorus America and others. Of particular interest are the Community Action Kit, the CounterPoint blog, and “The Advocates’ Plan” PowerPoint presentation.
  • U. S. Department of Education (www.ed.gov)
    Find Secretary Duncan’s speeches about arts education in “Speeches”; the current administration’s education policy; and details on US DOE Initiatives such as in “Investing in Innovation” and “Race to the Top.”

Regional resources

Case-making information

  • Arts Education Partnership: "Making a Case for Arts" 
  • MENC: "Arts in the Schools" 
  • SupportMusic.com: "Keep Music Education Strong" 

Print Resources

  • Catterall, James S. Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art, Los Angeles, CA: I-Group Books, 2009.
  • Davis, Jessica Hoffmann. Why Our Schools Need the Arts, New York, NY: Teachers College Press, 2008.