Choral Conductors Today

Understanding more about choral conducting as an occupation can help choral conductors plan their careers and choral leaders make better decisions. A 2017 Chorus America report uses data drawn from the survey responses of more than 600 conductors to examine conductors' career paths, training, responsibilities, salaries, and more.

The report highlights both important challenges and reasons to feel confident about the health of the profession. Because the 2017 report updates data from Chorus America's first choral conductor survey, done in 2005, it also sheds light on what has and has not changed about choral conducting as a profession in the past decade.

The resulting data can be used to:

  • Help conductors understand how their experiences compare to those of their colleagues
  • Provide guidance to assist conductors in their career planning
  • Educate administrators and board members about conductors' responsibilities
  • Highlight the important role that choral conductors play in the arts ecosystem

Choral Conductors Today: Key Findings from the 2017 Report

An overview of key findings from the 2017 report, as well as developments since the 2005 report.

Choral Conductors Today: An Updated Report

The full 2017 report, including detail and data on all key findings and developments.

Choral Conductors Today: Responding to a Shifting Career Model

An article from the Fall 2017 issue of The Voice discussing the key findings, including interviews with several conductors in the field.

Choral Conductors Today: A Study

The original report on the 2005 study.