Research Memorandum Series

The Research Memorandum Series is a bibliographic journal to assist conductors and others in the choral field in their search for repertory and new sources of interesting programming. The RMS focuses primarily on the works of one composer (both mainstream and lesser-known), listing their works by genre, style period, voicing, or another category. At other times the RMS has served as a bibliography, listing recent scholarly writings on the music of a composer, a country, or a genre of choral works. Chorus America is pleased to announce a transition for the Research Memorandum Series (RMS) to a new home with the National Collegiate Choral Organization (NCCO). More information here.

In this issue of the Research Memorandum Series, author Jace Kaholokula Saplan
offers an overview of the choral works of composer Mari Esabel Valverde.

In this issue of the Research Memorandum Series, author and editor Dr. Matthew Bumbach provides a complete current list of the choral music of Carol Barnett, as well as biographic information about the Minnesota-based composer.

In this issue of the Research Memorandum Series, Dr. Sean Linfors provides a brief history of Stephen Paulus’ compositional career, discusses some of his most beloved pieces, and catalogs Paulus’ complete choral works.

Compiled by Dr. Jennifer Flory and Meagan W. Johnson, this issue highlights literature for treble choirs written by American composers in the last 30 years. The index is sorted by composer and will eventually be incorporated into a larger and more inclusive online database.

With this issue of the Research Memorandum Series, Matthew Bumbach assumes the editorship. The issue focuses on restoring Renaissance repertoire for women’s ensembles using the convent archives of Spain. Compiled by Kathryn Longo.

This issue of the Research Memorandum Series focuses on resources pertaining to movement education in both the choral rehearsal and in teaching choral conducting. After a brief background on movement methodologies, author Caron Daley lists resources pertaining to the choral rehearsal and choral conducting.

This issue of the Research Memorandum Series focuses on the choral output of two influential Canadian composers - John Weinzwieg and John Beckwith. Although their choral output is relatively small in relation to their other output, it has had significant impact both in Canada and abroad. A brief biography of each composer is given before the listing of their choral compositions.

This issue of the Research Memorandum Series focuses on the compositions of internationally known composer Arvo Pärt. After a brief biography of the world renowned Estonian composer, compiler Mark Vuorinen lists Pärt’s complete current choral compositions, both unaccompanied and accompanied. This issue places into one convenient document the choral output of this seminal artist.

Research Memorandum Series No. 206

This issue of the Research Memorandum Series includes a compilation of resources geared towards both the conducting pedagogue and the conductor seeking knowledge and self-improvement. It also provides an overview of the different types of conducting literature that exists.

Research Memorandum Series No. 205

This issue of the Research Memorandum Series highlights the achievements of one of America’s premiere choral ensembles, the Dale Warland Singers. It demonstrates the ways that Warland crafted a choral concert program and incorporated new compositions and arrangements.

Research Memorandum Series No. 204

This article is a companion to Research Memorandum Series No. 202 and 203, also providing insight into the work of David Hamilton, a prolific composer and music educator from New Zealand.

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