Andrea Ramsey's Story Behind Writing Her Commission Consortium Piece

Composer Andrea Ramsey took part in the 2016 Chorus America Commisssion Consortiums, an opportunity that allows participating choruses to be a part of commissioning a new work from a leading composer and to premiere the work in their community, by donating a commission for treble voices.

For her commissioned piece, Ramsey, who earned her PhD from Michigan State University, decided to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The new work is entitled "But A Flint Holds Fire." Said Ramsey, "I thought if I could write an effective work about Flint, we might be able to generate awareness, show people how to help, and do a great deal of good for a community that has been abandoned."

Ramsey's interview with ACDA-Michigan's Jed Scott can be read in full here. Excerpt reprinted with permission of ACDA-Michigan.

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