To Tim Sharp: A Letter of Appreciation upon His Retirement as Executive Director of ACDA

A Letter to Tim Sharp

Catherine Dehoney, President and CEO

Brian Newhouse, Board Chair

Dear Tim,

On behalf of the Board, staff, and members of Chorus America, we thank you for your extraordinary leadership of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA). As you begin your next phase professionally and personally, please know that your tireless efforts to ensure quality choral music education in this country and beyond will have ripple effects far into the future.

During your tenure, Chorus America appreciated the opportunity to collaborate on several important initiatives to advance understanding of the field and safeguard its future: ACDA’s support of the 2019 Chorus Impact Study helped ensure broad participation in the survey research and quality of the final report. Our partnership on the Chorus Ecosystem project helped form new connections in our field and increase understanding of how to strengthen the system. Most recently, as it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic would have an out-sized impact on choruses, Chorus America and ACDA have worked together to speak as a unified voice in presenting the science and best practices.

Your leadership on the board of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) and commitment to creating a global choral field has helped create an international exchange of outstanding choral music practice. Your entrepreneurial focus on developing new teaching methods and technology platforms for virtual rehearsal and performance has inspired countless choral leaders to seek innovation to overcome obstacles.

We are confident that in all your future endeavors, you will continue to be a trailblazer and tireless champion for the choral field. In the meantime, please accept our congratulations on all you have accomplished and our gratitude for your generous spirit of partnership.

CDehoney signature

Catherine Dehoney

President and CEO


Brian Newhouse

Board Chair

cc: Hilary Apfelstadt, Interim Executive Director, ACDA; Lynne Gackel, President, ACDA; André Thomas, Vice President, ACDA