Talking Choral Music on YouTube interview with Rosephanye Powell


Composer and arranger Rosephanye Powell teaches us about spirituals and gospel music- what you thought you knew!

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Watch the latest interview in our series with noted composers, conductors and business leaders in the choral community.

Host: Andrea Goodman

Episode 6: Everything you need to know about performing spirituals and gospel music.

Our guest today Rosephanye Powell is the composer and arranger of such important and highly popular choral works such as The Word was God and Hallelujah and countless spiritual and gospel arrangements. In today’s episode, she will explain the differences in her compositional styles and helps to define the difference between the gospel and the spiritual and what she calls a “non idiomatic” style- a wholly original composition in the European tradition. How have events of the past year such as the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter had an affect on what she wants to write? What is currently on her compositional plate? Found out in this episode of Talking Choral Music. 

Upcoming: January 15th:

An interview with the directors of the Choral Consortia of Boston and New York.



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