Talking Choral Music: New York & Boston Choral Consortium directors explain it all!


In New York and Boston with so many choirs seeking the same audiences, potential singers and donors it was time to organize! Find out what the Greater Boston Choral Consortium and the New York Choral Consortium do about consolidating their efforts to reach the greatest number of choral music lovers on Episode 7 of Talking Choral Music.


Our guests are two chairmen from the New York and Greater Boston Choral Consortia: Nick Adams is the director of the Cantata Singers with the Greater Boston Choral Consortium, or GBCC, and Deborah Simpson King from Schola Cantorum on Hudson who is the chair of the NY Choral Consortium. We also have with us Tori Cook from Chorus Connection, an organization helping choruses with administrative issues such as marketing and so much more. These organizations play an enormous role in the choral community, helping choruses to realize we are not alone, helping with so many aspects of administration, especially now as we look forward to a time when we will be returning to live performance. Found out how they can help you, and how you might even be able to start one in your own community on Talking Choral Music.

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Upcoming: January 29 (part 1) and February 12 (part 2), a day in the life of a Metropolitan Opera Chorister with general manager/tenor Kurt Phinney and retired baritone Sven Leaf.