The Oakland Jazz Choir Demo Album - a Kickstarter Project

The Oakland Jazz Choir (OJC) is excited to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to help fund a new demo that will help us to continue our work in the Oakland community.OJC has been bringing unique and diverse vocal jazz to the Bay Area since 1992. Since becoming its own non-profit in 2005, OJC has strived to bring performances to under served communities in the Bay Area as well as education workshops into the Oakland Public Schools.We have not produced a new demo since 2005. Since then, our repertoire has evolved substantially and our old demo doesn't reflect our new, dynamic, sound.After rent and musician and director fees, there's not much left for recording.

This demo will reflect our most current repertoire and will be valuable in securing more performance opportunities. The more visible we are, the more good work we can accomplish!
 This is an ALL or NOTHING venture so if we don't reach our pledge goal in the allotted time, we won't receive anything.
Your cherished and timely participation will be graciously appreciated and as a bonus you will receive some nice OJC gifts as thanks!

To participate, please click on this link: