Jan 9-15 2021 - Choral Chameleon's Online Ear Training Bootcamp @ 3 Levels


Choral Chameleon will be running a winter edition of our Virtual Institute this January for singers, composers and conductors, with workshops in Ear Training, Choral Arranging and Choral Score Reading.


Ear Training Bootcamp - Up Your Reading Game!

Formal Ear Training helps musicians change the way they listen, the way they process musical information, the way they read music - even out of key context, and the way they perceive their musical self. We aim to achieve big goals in these areas in just a short amount of time.


Our bootcamp approach involves daily classes over 7 consecutive days to create significant results for students via continuity and consistency. Students are invited to boost their personal musicianship profile and make a commitment to putting themselves into the work between the classes. They will emerge noticing a difference.


We will run each class for sixty minutes and limit participation to ensure individual attention and to reduce screen fatigue.


Classes are offered at 3 levels: Intermediate / Advanced / 'Extreme' 


Each session will focus on three major areas: rhythm training, singing with accurate intonation, and listening – both internally and externally. Activities will include 1 and 2 part exercises, use of solfege syllables, and dictation of music from the piano.


Time: Daily at 4pm-5pm Eastern


Class sizes:

Intermediate - 11 places

Advanced - 11 places

Extreme - 8 places


Price: $160 for 7 days



INTERMEDIATE A great class for experienced choristers wanting to up their reading game and experienced instrumental musicians alike who have not undergone extensive ear training. If they already know the basics of rhythm and pitch, this course taught by Annie Beliveau, will take them to the next level. It will cover complex rhythms and melodies including compound meter, leaps and rudimentary chromaticism. Students' personal sense of audiation and synthesis will tighten up and become a faster, more intuitive process.


ADVANCED The volume is turned up in this course, taught by Ronnie Romano, which covers complex rhythmic constructions including shifts between simple and compound meter with either beat or division constant, melodies outside of diatonic tonality, and multi-voice written dictations. Emphasis will be placed on musical multi-tasking: processing 2 or more musical lines at the same time in listening and performance settings, as well as building strong tonal and rhythmic independence.


EXTREME ** NEW! ** Approach if you dare! All music will be post-tonal. Choral Chameleon's Artistic Director Vince Peterson is teaching this class, where challenges will be taken from Michael Friedmann’s ‘Ear Training for 20th Century Music’, Paul Hindemith and the latter portion of ‘Modus Novus’. Rhythm Training will focus on complex poly-rhythms, writing rhythmic composites for extremely challenging repertoire excerpts, and tempo modulation. Score examination of Stravinsky’s serialist choral work ‘The Dove Descending’.


Please note: we will ask students to self-select a level during registration and we will follow up with them to ask a little about their musical backgroun and previous Ear Training experience alongside their music-making and educational experience. This is to ensure they are placed correctly.


Choral Chameleon Virtual Institute is also running workshops in Choral Score Reading and Choral Arranging taught by Artistic Director Vince Peterson.


Generous discounts are available when bundling Ear Training with either, or both, of these classes.


Ear Training Bootcamp: https://www.choralchameleon.com/ear-training-bootcamp.html

Choral Arranging Workshop: https://www.choralchameleon.com/choral-arranging-workshop.html

Score Reading Workshop: https://www.choralchameleon.com/score-reading-workshop.html