A Day in the Life of a Met Chorister

Watch the latest interview in our series with noted composers, conductors and business leaders in the choral community.

Host: Andrea Goodman

Episode 8 Part 1: What's it like to sing at the Metropolitan Opera? How does one get in to the chorus?

This episode of the interview series Talking Choral Music will feature the life of a Met Opera chorister. In this two part episode, our guests are Kurt Phinney, tenor and chorus manager, and Sven Leaf who retired after a 30 year career in the chorus. Share their great stories about what it's like to work with world renowned opera singers and directors, how they memorize all those operas in rotation, keep their voices fresh, plus much, much more. Find out here:




Upcoming:  February 12 (part 2), find out what happens when your voice “ages out?” Can you make a living as a full time Met chorister? -a day in the life of a Metropolitan Opera Chorister with general manager/tenor Kurt Phinney and retired baritone Sven Leaf.