Choral Chameleon's Online Season Pairs Choral Music with Cooking & Textiles

Choral Chameleon's monthly series on Patreon bring intimate choral music to our speakers and earphones while enriching our senses in the physical world

Artistic Director Vince Peterson

In collaboration with The Taste Curators


TASTE2 with chef Lish Steiling

Choral Chameleon Ensemble's most requested concert program of all time - which combines music with dishes crafted to taste how the music sounds - is back bigger and better - adapted from the live experience of eating small bites while listening...into meal courses to enjoy at home!

Join us for a unique culinary journey over a cocktail and four courses - to experience the taste of music - for which YOU are the chef.

Each musical release will be accompanied by a delicious recipe, with a recipe card and (lovingly shot) cooking demonstration by our chef (who just won an Emmy for producing Giada Entertains on Food Network!). Pairing instructions (what to eat when) will also be supplied.

Music for the initial 2 courses includes Ricky Ian Gordon's 'Three by Langston' and Benjamin Britten's complete choral dances from 'Gloriana'.


WOVEN with design trend expert Abbey Cook

If TASTE2 keeps you happy in your bubble, Choral Chameleon's 40+ voice Chorus is here to nurture our need for connection, to remain woven together.

The WOVEN series features four musical vignettes recorded by our singers every other month, while a custom textile is being physically and symbolically hand-woven for us by artisans in Colombia.

Accompanying each musical release, Abbey Cook will take us on a journey through the elements of textile: color, pattern, artisanship and texture.  Her career has taken her to over 50 countries to scout for her textile consulting work for major fashion houses. Our hope is lift you up with a look at the physical world with fresh eyes.

Qualifying subscribers will each receive the custom-made woven item at the end of the season.

Our first two vignettes include music by Hennagin, McConnell, Sondheim, Sting, Szymko and Ticheli.


A Note on How We Are Making Music For These Series


Our venue for the season is The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, where our singers will be recording new music every month, with Ensemble and Chorus recording on alternate months.

Through the magic of four inter-connected isolated booths, every singer in our organization is able to come together to sing freely, maskless, in SATB quartets (with an hour's gap for sanitization and air circulation).  They can see each other and hear other, and sing 'with' all of the voices who have already recorded. 

Being in NYC with so much unpredictability ahead, this is the safest way we can give our singers and audience the kind of warm and intimate experiences we are known for in person and be able to offer something consistent to look forward to.

Because we are recording every month, for 8 months, we are releasing our music via Patreon subscription, which enables our audience to directly support the ongoing process of creation.  Access these series at from $10 a month. For further information visit



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