Children & Youth Chorus Tour Opportunity - Visit South Florida for the 2nd Annual OYE! Choral Festival.

Annie Mendez


Still looking for places to take your group on tour? Come visit South Florida! The 2nd Annual OYE! Choral Festival will take place June 15-21, 2023. In addition to participation in the festival concert, the 2023 OYE! Choral Festival will now offer visiting groups housing and transportation, workshops with guest clinicians, additional performance opportunities in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West, and admission to local attractions! To learn more email [email protected] 


Founded in 2022, and presented by the Miami Children’s Chorus (MCC) and Florida Singing Sons (FSS), the OYE! Choral Festival is South Florida’s first summer youth choral festival. It offers an opportunity for national and international youth choral programs to visit South Florida for a fun and musically enriching experience. The goal of course is to provide an experience that is culturally enriching, that celebrates diversity, and provides a transformative and memorable experience for students and audiences alike.


In 2022,  the festival featured nearly 200 singers from the MCC, FSS and guest ensemble Phoenix Children’s Chorus, voted “Arizona’s Best Youth Chorus.” Choristers had the opportunity to bond with singers from other organizations through rehearsals, workshops, social exchanges, and concerts in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Festival concerts featured a variety of choral ensembles with each organization presenting a set of their own and combined pieces for elementary, middle, and high-school. The end result was a spectacular display of artistry and joy!