21V presents its inaugural concert, "Beyond Binary" on April 1 and 2, 2022


Beyond Binary will explore the myth of “us vs. them” – from the world premiere of Praise Song for Tulsa, challenging the fear of Black power and joy, to Stephen Paulus’ Kin to Sorrow, encouraging us to embrace sorrow as we pay tribute to those lost to COVID-19.

We examine gender stereotypes through the lens of a West Coast premiere by Rex Isenberg and Pollerita Roja by Gabriela Lena Frank. A reading of the poem Searching My Rage reveals the invalid dichotomy between rage and beauty, and stories surrounding the origin of the bisexual rights movement round up this rich program of music composed after the year 2000 – illustrating the interconnectivity of our American continent.

Come and challenge your "False Binaries" and experience the shattering of the perceived audience/performer binary. For more info, visit us at https://www.21vchoir.org/performances