Natalie Fasheh

Picture of Natalie Fasheh

Natalie Fasheh is a Palestinian-Jordanian emerging choral artist and community-engaged artist. She is passionate about leading vocal ensemble experiences rooted in empowerment, cultural awareness, and artivism. Natalie has been working with diverse vocal ensembles and communities of varying ages and lifestyles, where she facilitates music-making, sings, and explores Arabic music and culture with them through her arrangements of Arabic folk songs. Her experience working in children and youth ensembles ignited her role as a mentor for young people.

Natalie Fasheh and Dr. Charlene Pauls founded Mosaic Music Collective, an intergenerational program designed to build relationships between newcomers and long-standing residents through multicultural song. Natalie recently conducted the CultureLink Nai Kids Choir (also known as Nai Syrian Childrens Choir), and is arranger-in-residence at the Oakville Choir for Children and Youth. She also works with the Community Arts Guild Tamil Seniors Choir as a community-engaged choral facilitator. In her growing career, Natalie looks forward to continuing musically celebrating both the diversity and common threads of humanity, expanding her understanding of vocal music’s place in sociocultural dialogue and bridge building, and exploring the multifaceted relationship between community-engaged art and choral art.

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