Alysia Lee

Education Program Supervisor of Fine Arts, Maryland State Department of Education; Founder and Artistic Director, Sister Cities Girlchoir

Choral Education Workshop Faculty

Alysia Lee is the education program supervisor of Fine Arts for the Maryland State Department of Education where she shares her vision of statewide equity and excellence across five arts disciplines: music, dance, visual arts, theatre, and media arts. She is a proud member of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE).

Alysia Lee’s roles as an artist, arts educator, strategic consultant, and 2019-2020 Kennedy Center Citizen Artist give her a broad perspective of the arts ecosystem. Her work has received national recognition for advancing access, equity, and justice between artists, organizations, and communities. Key to her method is leadership development, building strong partnerships, and intersectional approaches to engagement while centering artistic excellence, creativity, and justice.

Alysia Lee is the Founder and Artistic Director of Sister Cities Girlchoir, the El Sistema-inspired girl empowerment choral academy.

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