Chorus America/ASCAP Alice Parker Award

The Chorus America/ASCAP Alice Parker Award  honors Alice Parker for a career that has spanned six decades and has been devoted to the creation of works for the human voice.

This award recognizes a member chorus for programming significant recently composed music that expands the mission of the chorus and challenges the chorus's audience in a new way. 

This award is on hold for the 2023 Awards cycle, with plans to resume in 2024.


This award is designed to recognize choruses that may not typically emphasize or include the performance of contemporary music, but have chosen to stretch themselves to present some of this repertoire. Such choruses might include, but are not limited to, those specializing in early music or Baroque repertoire.

The winner receives an engraved plaque and a cash prize of $1,000.


Applicants for the Alice Parker Award must be chorus members of Chorus America and ASCAP licensees in good standing.

Past recipients of this award are eligible to reapply in five years.

Please note: A chorus that applies for the Adventurous Programming Award (in categories #1 or #2) may not also apply for the Alice Parker Award in the same year. Choruses selected to receive the Adventurous Programming Award may not apply in future years for the Alice Parker Award; choruses who have won the Alice Parker Award may not apply for the Adventurous Programming Award unless they can demonstrate that the chorus' mission has changed.

Deadline & How to Apply

A. Submit a one-page cover letter that responds to the following:

  • List the title(s) and composer(s) of the specific work(s) programmed during the 2018-2019 season that created the adventurous stretch. Explain specifically why programming the work(s) in question were a strech for your organization and your audience.

B. Submit a list of all the works your chorus presented in the 2018-2019 season. You may only submit works from your most recently completed season, whether you define your season according to a calendar year (2019) or academic year (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019). The list should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

  • Please list each program separately and include the works performed on each program. If a full program was performed more than once, indicate the number of performances.
  • Please include the date(s) of each program and list the concerts in chronological order.
  • Please note the ensemble name(s) once if the same ensemble performs each concert or for each concert if there are multiple ensembles performing throughout the season.
  • Submit only the list of pieces performed from each concert. Do not submit program notes or performers' biographies. 
  • Please highlight or bold the work(s) that specifically support your application, and please include the composition date and duration of each piece (estimates are acceptable).

C. Submit a representative recording and separate playlist following these guidelines:

  • The recording must include one piece of music from the past 25 years. Preferably one selection represents the submitted season but this is not mandatory.
  • The recording must be uploaded in MP3 format only.
  • Between 15 and 30 minutes of music.
  • At least one selection should be a complete piece.
  • Applicants are encouraged to exclude long instrumental interludes.
  • Provide a separate playlist detailing composer, title, date performed/recorded, and timing of each selection. Note which recordings are live and which are edited.

Applications will only be accepted through  CAAP.

Past Awardees

2020 Baltimore Choral Arts Society
2019 Giving Voice Chorus
2018 Capitol Hill Chorale
2017 Cappella Clausura
2016 Durango Choral Society
2015 Cecilia Chorus of New York
2014 Crescendo
2013 Chorus Austin
2012 Coro Allegro
2011 The Washington Chorus
2010 WomenSing
2009 San Diego Master Chorale
2008 Monmouth Civic Chorus
2007 Madrigalia
2006 Seraphic Fire
2005 Pacific Chorale
2004 Bella Voce
2003 Baltimore Choral Arts Society


Questions? Contact Karyn Castro at 202.331.7577 x246 or [email protected]

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