The Feldenkrais Method for Singers—Introduction

You know that freed-up feeling where it seems your body is singing itself? Singers yearn for more of that, but myriad stresses, tensions, confusions, and vocal issues can get in the way.

Through a self-discovery process using movement, the practice of Feldenkrais can help singers perform with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. In this video series, Feldenkrais practitioner Karen Clark describes and demonstrates how this approach has helped her—and the singers she works with—release tension and find greater freedom in their singing.


Episode 1: Introduction (17:07 min.)
Episode 2: Centering with the Breath (5:59 min.)
Episode 3: Opening the Throat (6:09 min.)
Episode 4: Relaxing the Tongue (11:30 min.)
Episode 5: Releasing Eye Tension (9:52 min.)
Episode 6: Vocalizing to Release Tension (6:01 min.)
Episode 7: Achieving Relaxed Alertness (3:25 min.)



Singing with Your Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice
Clark, Karen. (2002) Article: The Impulse to Sing; Feldenkrais Journal, No. 14

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