Dialogues with Dominick Beyond the Binary (A Meditation on Humans and Machines): A “Listen-In” Featuring the creative team behind the project

Join composer Andrea Clearfield, librettist Ellen Frankel, and custom instrument builder David Kontak to talk about a new commission, Beyond the Binary (a meditation on humans and machines).

Beyond the Binary is a multi-media oratorio conceived as a musical sequel to Karel Capek’s enormously influential science fiction play “R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots),” timed to coincide with its 100th anniversary. R.U.R is perhaps most famous for introducing the word “robot” into our language. Both the original and the proposed sequel addresses the promises and dangers of artificial intelligence, and the question of what it means to be human.


February 24, 2021 - 7:30pm tickets available at mcchorus.org

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