Strategy for People in a Hurry

15 Mar 2023
12:00pm to 12:55pm


This is a workshop for leaders of organizations who don’t have enough time – or people – to plan strategically or to achieve strategic goals. It is designed to help choral leaders move from the reactive to the proactive.

The work of a chorus takes place on many timelines, from the immediate needs of the rehearsal to the realization of a long-term strategic vision. When we are short on time, it is human nature to focus on just one area, which is often the next concert. In this workshop, I will work with participants to create a usable action plan to bring back to their choruses that will enable them to prioritize long-term strategic work while executing the day-to-day more meaningfully and efficiently. Participants will leave with worksheets and guides that will help them build a year-long strategy calendar for their chorus along with ideas for how to engage staff, board, and volunteers in the process.


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