A New Harmony: Choruses that Welcome LGBTQ+ Singers

28 Jun 2019
1:33pm to 2:48pm
Commonwealth C
Breakout Session


Across North America, choruses for all ages are evolving to create safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-binary singers. This workshop offers concrete tools to shape your chorus as a welcoming space for people of all genders and sexual orientations. Specific topics include section/voice placement, gender inclusive language, gender-expansive repertoire and programming tools, concert attire and touring, exploration of chorus names, and tools for internal training/education for singers and board members.

This workshop includes presentation, Q&A, and demonstration of experiences encountered by conductors, teachers, and LGBTQ+ singers. Handouts include choral repertoire that is gender-inclusive, resources for music teachers, and concrete steps for making your chorus a place of belonging for LGBTQ+ singers. The workshop is appropriate for conductors of any experience level, community choruses, classroom teachers, and singers.


Speakers / Performers: 

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