Peer Forums

22 Jun 2018
11:00am to 12:00pm
Peer Forum

Peer Forums will break out into separate rooms.

Peer Forums are a way to meet and learn from colleagues who face the same opportunities and challenges. At this session, connect with others working with choruses that are similar to yours during facilitated discussions.

Professional Choruses; Budgets below $125,000: Water Tower

  • Forum Leader: Alexander Lloyd Blake, founder and artistic director, Tonality

Professional Choruses; Budgets above $125,000: Spire

  • Forum Leader: Robert Simpson, founder and artistic director, Houston Chamber Choir

Volunteer Choruses; Budgets below $75,000: Monroe

  • Forum Leader: Kathleen Fargnoli, executive director, Palisades Community Chorus

Volunteer Choruses; Budgets of $75,000-$250,000: Monroe

  • Forum Leader: Linda Tedford, founder and artistic director, Susquehanna Chorale

Volunteer Choruses; Budgets of $250,000-$1 million: Adams

  • Forum Leader: Morna Edmundson, artistic director, Elektra Women's Choir

Children and Youth Choruses: Crystal (Third Floor)

  • Forum Leader: Meg Steitz, executive director, Colorado Children's Chorale

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