The Choral Entrepreneur: Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

21 Jun 2018
11:15am to 12:30pm
Commonwealth B & C
The Choral Entrepreneur

The Choral Entrepreneur track is a new approach to Conference that will connect you with others that are passionate about forging new paths in the choral field. Whether you want to establish a new chorus, revitalize an existing organization, or break ground on an industry-changing initiative, there will be a place for you at the table.

Start with this catalyst session, led by Marie Bucoy-Calavan and Robert Istad. An interactive discussion will capture the essence of what it means to be a choral entrepreneur in today’s climate, and help you set intentions for the rest of Conference and the future. At the end of this session, Marie and Rob will suggest other Conference programming that will challenge your thought processes and inspire your personal artistry. They will engage the group throughout Conference via social media and entrepreneur "meet-ups" at nearby restaurants and bars to continue these conversations.

We all need to surround ourselves with people that push us to be our best and most creative selves. The Choral Entrepreneur track will empower you to motivate others and find your own unique voice!

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