Canterbury Voices presents 'Modern Masters'

Canterbury Voices
Civic Center Music Hall
201 N. Walker Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Event date: 
22 Oct 2023
Start Time: 
3:00 PM
Conductor / Keynote Speaker: 
Dr. Julie Yu

An evening featuring music by world-renowned, modern composers.

An evening of music showcasing exquisite works of world-renowned, modern composers. Featuring compositions of Canadian-American composer R. Nathaniel Dett, whose profound melodies will touch your soul as we perform masterpieces including ‘Ave Maria,’ ‘Listen to the Lambs,’ and ‘Chariot Jubilee,’ blending traditional African-American spirituals with classical music, and celebrating the rich tapestry that is the human experience. We delve into the soul-stirring sounds of Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez, his work ‘Missa Criolla,’ will take us on a musical pilgrimage, intertwining indigenous rhythms and melodies.

We then shift our focus to the enchanting ‘Serenade to Music’ from English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, and ‘Chichester Psalms,’ a powerful fusion of Hebrew scripture and Christian choral traditions by American composer Leonard Bernstein

Ticket price range: $18 to $65
Tickets available at:
Box Office phone: 405-232-7464

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